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How to Use Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits for Lyft Shared?

Posted by the Commuter Benefit Solutions Team January 18, 2019


Do you use your pre-tax commuter benefits to get to work and back? If you do, we are sure you would be happy to know that you can use your pre-tax benefits for Lyft Shared rides.

Lyft Shared makes it easy to share a ride with your coworkers or with other commuters headed your way. Read below to learn how to start ridesharing and save time and money!

What is Lyft Shared?

Lyft Shared is an affordable way to get a ride shared with other passengers on the same route as you.

Besides the advantage of using your commuter benefits that help you save up to 37% on your daily commute, with Lyft Shared you pay a discounted fare to get where you need to go, on time.

Where Lyft Shared is available for commuters?

Lyft Shared is currently available in:

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Washington D.C.
San Diego
Las Vegas
Silicon Valley
New Jersey

How to use my transit benefits for Lyft Shared?

1 – Download Lyft’s app to your mobile device

2 – Add your commuter benefits card to your Lyft account

3 – When requesting a ride, select “Shared” and choose your commuter card as the payment method. If you don’t see it selected, tap on the payment method to switch to your commuter card.

4 – You’ll be matched with a vehicle that can fit up to six passengers on the same route as you.

That’s it! Now you can join more than 42% of passenger that already commute with Lyft.

                  Lyft app - Where are you going            Lyft App - Your Route          Lyft App - Rate & Pay


What commuting costs are covered by my benefits?

Remember, besides ride-hailing like Lyft Shared, you can pay for train, parking, bus, ferry, and vanpooling expenses when commuting to work.

Commuter benefits and rideshare: a benefit that is a real “win-win-win”

When you rideshare, you are helping reduce the pollution and the number of vehicles on the road and empty seats. You are also saving dollars on your daily commute, and your employer is saving in payroll taxes too. You, your company and the environment win together! How good is that?


Learn more about commuter benefits! Clique here and download our 101 Guide.

Don’t you have commuter benefits yet?

If your company does not offer commuter benefits, we can help you by contacting your HR department. 

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